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Rubber Buffer
Rubber Buffer is extensively used in electric and auto appliances as anti vibration accessory. It is also used in various industries for energy absorption purposes. This product is highly reliable and efficient.
Dock Fenders
Dock Fenders are constructed for absorbing collision energy while the berthing the process. These are featured with longer service life, high strength and seamless finishing. Our offered items are flexible and rugged.
Gate Valve seals
Gate Valve seals are eminent in providing a tight seal and preventing leakage. These are used for a wide range of liquids where minimum flow restriction is required.
Rubber Molded Products
Rubber Molded Products are used for numerous applications such as industrial packaging, seals, medical usage, o-rings, tubing and many other. These are long lasting, flexible, reliable and highly durable.
Auto Accessories
Rubber made Dock Bumpers are used to safeguard walls of ships and boats during loading and unloading of goods. These impact proof bumpers are 15 kg in weight. Accurate dimension and superior surface finish are the key aspects of these accessories.
Cable Protector
Made of rubber, these Cable Protectors have been designed as per ASTM norms. Usually, these weigh 4 kg to 16 kg and their width is usually 42 mm. These are used for the safety of multiple wires. Heavy duty design and god impact resistant attributes are their key features.

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